Foundation Scholarships!

By Kristen Jackson,

Do you need help paying for your education expenses? The SDT Foundation has a scholarship program for both undergraduate and graduate students as well. Deadline for applications is April 1st!  Click on the link below to access the applications. The basics: fill out application, write a cover letter, get a recommendation, send in a jpeg photo  … Read more

Happy Founders Day!

By SDT Headquarters,

Dear SDT Sisters, Today we honor the seven Jewish women who founded our sorority 98 years ago: Dora Bloom Turtletaub Amy Apfel Tishman Marian Gerber Greenberg Grace Srenco Grossman Inez Dane Ross Regene Freund Cohane Lenore Blanche Rubinow As we think about WHO Dora, Amy, Marian, Grace, Inez, Regene and Lenore WERE and WHAT they  … Read more

Sisterhood Bonds Between a Grandmother and Granddaughter, by Daryn Foster

By SDT Headquarters,

I am a proud legacy of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority. I was initiated exactly 50 years after my maternal grandmother, Vivian Mosko, who went through the same ceremony at the Alpha Delta Chapter at the University of Colorado in 1957. My grandmother truly embodies what Sigma Delta Tau stands for and is an empowered woman.  … Read more

Four Fun Ways to Celebrate SDT, by Kelly Potts

By SDT Headquarters,

With Founders Day quickly approaching on March 25, we will be celebrating 98 years of sisterhood, legacy, and tradition. On this special day, it is important to spend time with your chapter sisters rejoicing in all that SDT means to us. Try one of these wonderful exercises that will not only bring your chapter closer  … Read more

Feeling Connected Through a 26 Year Tradition of Bigs & Littles

By SDT Headquarters,

Have you ever wondered if the memories you made in college would somehow linger? Or, what traditions may be carried on after you leave? For Donna Katz Reisman, Alpha Upsilon-Bradley, who graduated in 1990, she found a surprising connection to her legacy during a chance visit to her chapter. Donna was visiting her son at  … Read more