Sigma Delta Tau Capital Corporation

In order to better serve the Sigma Delta Tau sisterhood, SDT began the process of establishing its national housing corporation, Sigma Delta Tau Capital Corporation, in Spring 2019. With consulting and extensive industry expertise, we aim to assist all sisters—collegians, alumnae and volunteers—not only with on-campus chapter housing, but to also provide support for members’ residences, both as individuals and a chapter.

How SDT Capital Corp Can Support You

All members will receive the following benefits:

Leasing Assistance for Non-traditional Housing

Access to industry knowledge on how to navigate leasing a property for chapter members, and distinguish between recognized/unrecognized chapter facilities

Consulting Services

Project and goal-based consulting opportunities with industry experts and partnerships

Legal Services and Contract Review

Newly created access to legal services regarding property operations and real estate, along with establishing a library of documents for efficient operations

Venue Agreements and Event Assistance

Review of venue contracts and operating procedure guidance for successful chapter events

Vendor Support

Creating connections with industry vendors to assist chapter needs

National Partnerships

Growing pipeline of national partnerships in areas such as meal service, property management, accounting services with advantageous pricing

Purchasing Power for All SDT Chapters

Laying the foundation for beneficial pricing on goods and services for all SDT chapters to participate in

Storage Facility Assistance

Sourcing and guidance on properly storing and preserving chapter goods

Funding Assistance*

Facilitating a more efficient investment and loan process to assist chapters in attaining their financial goals

*To be included in near future as part of SDTCC Strategic Plan

Crisis/Emergency Planning Assistance

Providing more thorough guidance on emergency reasons procedures and access to essential crisis resources

Facility Resources

Helping chapter gain a deeper understanding of their property and operations through feasibility studies, valuations, and assessments

Additional SDTCC Support

Looking for a little more support? Our Tier Membership Model was developed with your chapter’s interests in mind to work with your local housing corporations and volunteers. After a consultation with the SDTCC Team, we will work with you to determine which level of service your chapter would best benefit from and how we can further tailor features to your individual facility.


Industry partners make the job we do at SDTCC easier and allow us to attain a high level of success that, in turn, benefits members of our program. With years of experience related to the housing needs of fraternity and sorority organizations, our partners are committed to ensuring that the properties of SDT are premovement showpieces on their host campuses.

College Fresh

College Fresh is a nationwide meal service provider for Greek organizations and university campuses. The SDTCC established a premiere partnership to provide reduced costs to meal plans, access to incentives in service agreements, and ongoing enhancements to meal services and kitchen staffing needs at a preferred pricing to STCC members.

CSL Management

Beyond handling the direct property management needs of our member facilities, CSL aids us in creating strategic planning goals for local housing corporation boards, access to industry-specific resources, in-house staffing assistance and hosting an annual summit for house directors. 

Holmes Murphy

Holmes Murphy is the insurance provider to SDT. The creation of the SDTCC has allowed for further advocacy of housing interests as it relates to coverage limits, premiums and claims assistance. The more members within SDTCC allows for more leverage in creating additional Holmes Murphy coverage opportunities and with their underwriting partners. 

SDT Capital Corp Members