Chapter Programming Catalog

Sigma Delta Tau has assembled a selection of programmming ideas to support chapters. The catalog offers three categories of programs:

  1. Virtual Programs which can be facilitated by a National representative upon request
  2. Pre-Recorded Programs that chapters can self-facilitate
  3. Outstanding Peer Chapter Programming ideas, with resources for implementation.

Additional programs will be added as they become available.

Virtual Nationally-Facilitated Programs

All virtual nationally-facilitated programs can be requested using the form below. It’s important to note that each of these programs will be customized to fit your chapters needs, and therefore will take a couple weeks to prepare for your chapter. Please allow one week for someone to follow-up on the request.

InveSDT in Yourself: Part 1

Sigma Delta Tau’s InveSDT in Yourself: Career Development workshop helps collegians launch their careers. This 90-minute program covers proven techniques that will help SDT women secure great jobs out of college. Facilitated by SDT alumnae who have successfully transitioned from college-life to careers and beyond, this session includes examples and practice activities.

InveSDT in Yourself: Part 2

Sigma Delta Tau’s InveSDT in Yourself: Financial Literacy workshop provides collegians training that helps promote financial independence. This 90-minute program teaches participants how to focus on their own financial fitness, including managing income sources, establishing a budget and building credit. Facilitated by SDT alumnae who have successfully transitioned from college-life to careers and beyond, this session addresses what can be intimidating topics, in an easy-to-understand format that includes examples and practice activities.

Safe Smart Dating – the COVID Edition

This workshop will discuss the four key elements of consent, and define enthusiastic consent. In this virtual world, this program was developed to create an environment for dialogue surrounding online dating and how digital consent looks. Examples will be reviewed and conversations about setting boundaries will take place.  

Wellness Programming with Sara Green

Request a chapter-specific wellness experience from Alpha Mu alumna, Sara Green—SDT’s partnered wellness consultant.

There will be an individual chapter cost associated with the requested program.

Pre-Recorded Programs for Chapters

The Pre-Recorded Programs enable chapters to self-facilitate programming in a variety of areas. These recordings feature experts in their fields and offer a flexible, on-demand option for chapters to implement program development for members.

Graduate School & Career Planning

These programs are designed to help collegians sharpen their skills for the graduate school, internship, or career search process. They cover a variety of topics including graduate school application and preparation processes, networking, interviewing tips, and more.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As an organization founded by Jewish women in 1917, Sigma Delta Tau has been intimately familiar with discrimination and hate. We have been committed to and comfortable with speaking out against anti-Semitism as it was the clearest thing for us to stand against. However, recent deaths of Black Americans has further illuminated the hundreds of years of hate, injustice, and oppression done unto Black communities and communities of color; we can no longer conscionably rest on the privilege of being against only one form of hate. We acknowledge this and commit to fighting hate in all its forms, and educating all of our active members on how to be truly welcoming of all potential members, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexuality, gender identity or religion.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Recruitment

As part of the work we are doing in the area of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we have developed this Recruitment Bias Training.  This session was crafted to help us reflect on our own personal biases and how they may take shape in the sorority recruitment process. We encourage you to share this with your membership and complete the training as a chapter or individually.

Digital Recruitment Workshop Series

Sigma Delta Tau wants to help you navigate all of the uncertainty of a virtual campus experience, while being able to create a recruitment you’re proud of. Most importantly, we want to help you and your sisters find amazing women to join your chapter. Recruitment expert Tina VanSteenbergen has created a digital recruitment workshop series to help you and your chapter prepare for recruitment this year. 

Health and Wellness with Sara Green

An educational and engaging wellness program covering fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and self-care. Each recording will focus on a different pillar of wellness and provide both educational and interactive activities. Connect with your sisters while embarking on a journey of self-discovery, health and wellness. Supported by our SDT sisterhood we will engage in fitness classes, mindfulness practices, self-care challenges, conscious nutrition conversations and healthy recipes! There is no time like NOW to choose to Live Well & Be Good to YOU!

Additional recordings coming soon.

Peer Chapter Programs

These catalog items feature successful programs and events from SDT chapters across the country. They cover a wide range of topics including scholarship and sisterhood, women’s empowerment, diversity, new member programming, mental health & wellness, and philanthropic initiatives. Review the descriptions and request more information and resources to implement these program ideas in your own chapter.

ΣΔΤ Late

Gamma Tau—Columbia University

Financial Inclusivity

As a proud advocate of financial inclusivity, we believe that no initiated sister should be excluded from this community due to financial barriers. This inspired us to create Eat Late, a semesterly fundraising program that helps chapter members in need to afford their dues.

Diversity Initiatives

Beta—University of Pennsylvania


We have a 25-member diversity committee that works to ensure that our chapter understands the immense value of different perspectives/backgrounds. We had one member discuss the importance of diversity in the workforce (the topic of her senior thesis). We also held multiple workshops on diversity during the recruitment process where we discussed implicit and explicit biases and the importance of diversity.

Escape the Room

Alpha Iota—Tulane University


Our most successful program was a sisterhood event where we turned our house into an escape-the-room. Members had to figure out puzzles, riddles, and clues to escape the Sig Delt house and complete a Sig Delt themed mission, such as listing our values, to move onto the next challenge! The main goal was to promote sisterhood in a new and fun way.

Girls Achieve Grapeness

Alpha Theta—University of Maryland

Women Empowerment

We created a weekend full of women empowerment we called Girls Achieve Greatness. The purpose of this program was to bring women (mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and close friends) together in a safe space to share and explore what it is like being a woman in this day and age. Hearing from multiple generations helped participants gain multiple perspectives on womanhood. This program included a presentation about historical changes of women’s rights and roles and included the values of Sigma Delta Tau and how we can connect that to our identity as women. We addressed topics like discrimination, misogyny, and work challenges and came up with solutions as a group on how to respond to these situations and become better for them.

Greek Grind

Eta—University of Georgia


UGA’s largest Greek philanthropy event is a dance competition that involves all 19 Panhellenic sororities on campus, as well as almost all fraternities. Many events are held leading up to Greek Grind, such as percentage nights, the theme reveal, fundraising, etc. Money raised (which is around $90k) is donated to Prevent Child Abuse America.

Growth Week

Delta Nu—Stevens Institute of Technology

Growth & Development

Growth Week is a week focused on personal growth and each day of the week we host an event surrounding an aspect of growth while also accentuating our values as a chapter. Activities included a park cleanup (grow the local community), Succulents with Sig Delt (grow the planet), Grow Your Dough (grow knowledge of Excel), CrEATe GrEAT Leaders speaker event and Zumba (grow your health).

Helping Hands

Psi—University of Massachusetts Amherst

Community Service

We offered more opportunities for members to get involved and build stronger relationships with the different organizations in our community which gave sisters a greater opportunity to express projects and causes that had a lot of meaning to them and helped raise overall engagement. We did various events with Helping Hands, a program that operates through the Chabad House on campus and connects college students with the elderly community. The sense of family, belonging, acceptance, and community we were able to achieve through this programming not only helped bring our chapter joy but also helps keep us connected with the local community.

JuSDT Bid It

Gamma Rho—Ramapo College of NJ


This event is a live auction and meal in which every sister gets one or more baskets donated from local businesses/companies to auction off and we invite family, friends and alumnae to attend to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America.

Mental Health

Delta Xi—Rowan University

Health & Wellness

We created a Mental Health Chair position to be responsible for helping emphasize resources of mental health on our campus as well as in surrounding areas of campus. The Chair planned to have monthly presentations to educate our chapter on certain topics, set up safe rooms for chapter members to attend on a weekly basis to spend time hanging out, talking, listening to music, utilizing the adult coloring books and stress balls.

New Member Hike

Alpha Tau—George Washington University

New Member Retreat

Our chapter’s best program occurred during the new member retreat and was a hike that included different team-building exercises. New members did “lollipop talk” where they were put into groups of two or three, given a lollipop, told to talk about whatever they wanted but also given guided questions, and instructed to meet back when the lollipop was done. This was followed by a 30-minute hike with a new member doing an Instagram takeover, interviewing others on their favorite part of the the retreat. We ended with “step forward,” a bonding exercise that allowed members to connect through similarities.


Gamma Delta—American University

Health & Wellness

Our off-campus retreat promotes self-care, healthy habits, and sisterly bonding. Activities such as stress relief bracelet making, group affirmation activities, and a reflection on the positive impacts of joining the Panhellenic community created a deeper mutual understanding, respect, and connection amongst sisters new and old, reminding us of Sig Delt’s values and supportive sisterhood.


Alpha—Cornell University


Our organized workshops and strong and supportive sisterhood creates an academic environment where every sister is pushed to do her best. Past events have included resume workshops, library hours, mock career days and internship workshops. Each week, the chapter elects a “Geek of the Week” to be awarded a certificate for an academic accomplishment. We share scholastic resources including class notes and study guides via a Google Drive. Majors and academic tracks have group chats where sisters can share and discuss their experiences and future plans. Each sister is assigned an academic big and little to serve as a guide through the rigorous academic life at Cornell.

SDT Enlightenment

Beta Theta—Long Island University Post


This is a values-based monthly program to “enlighten” our sisters about SDT values. It is designed to strengthen the bond of sisterhood by connecting on a personal and values-based level. A member from each class lights a candle and tells of what they are grateful for in the sorority. Then we do Thorn, Bud, Rose – the thorn represents something sad/unhappy; the bud is something we are looking forward to; and the rose is something great that happened. The next part is an activity related to the values of SDT. The final part is for the sisters to relax and share dinner together.

Women’s Empowerment Week

Beta Tau—Rutgers University

Women Empowerment

The week’s theme was #SheIs and every day was titled something different (#SheIs… professional, strong, empowered, resilient). It began with a mother daughter brunch and had a professional development night that consisted of professional headshots as well as resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn reviews. There was an Instagram likes competition, Yoga Night with another sorority, influential guest speakers that came from different professional backgrounds, tabling event selling empowerment laptop stickers, and ended with a Jeopardy game based on women’s empowerment questions, as well as SDT’s history.