Risk Management Resources

Below you will find relevant risk management resources for chapters, advisors, and members to utilize. Sigma Delta Tau recognizes this list is not comprehensive and encourages the use of additional online, campus, and community available resources. Many of the resources below have been adapted from resources provided by Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice, Sigma Delta Tau’s insurance provider.

Resources are continually being uploaded to this page – continue to check back for more!



Blood Alcohol Levels and Effects
Bystander Intervention/Sexual Assault Prevention Resources
Falls From Heights
Financial Crime Loss Prevention Strategies
Fire Safety
Gordie Center’s Prevention Toolkit – Alcohol and Substance Use Education Resources
Gordie Center Video – What is a Standard Drink?
Gordie Center Video – Understanding Situational Tolerance
Gordie Center Video – PUBS Signs of an Alcohol Overdose
Gordie Center Video – How to Help a Friend – BACCHUS Maneuver
Gordie Center Video – Substance Misuse Prevention: 5 Ds for Effective Bystander Intervention
Start Your Recovery – Substance Abuse Resources


Anti-Hazing Hotline
Gordie Center’s Prevention Toolkit – Hazing Prevention and Education Resources
Hazing Warning Signs and Alternatives
HazingPrevention.Org Resources
PBS Video – Hazing
Piazza Center – Horizontal Hazing Model
Piazza Center – Hazing Prevention Matrix
StopHazing – States with Anti-Hazing Laws