What is your policy regarding membership selection?

Undergraduate candidates for membership are selected at a local/chapter level from matriculated college students at campuses where Sigma Delta Tau has an active charter or is in the process of establishing one. Full-time or part-time status, as defined by the college or university, is required for affiliation, initiation, and active membership. This includes students who are participating in virtual distance learning.

Sigma Delta Tau does not discriminate on the basis of race/color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability when considering candidates for undergraduate membership. Eligibility for consideration for membership is open to all those who live and identify as women.  Recommendations are not required for membership. Each candidate for membership must meet all grade point requirements established by the university and Sigma Delta Tau and may not be an initiated member of another NPC sorority.

What is your legacy policy?

A legacy is defined as a sister, daughter or granddaughter, stepsister or stepdaughter of a member of Sigma Delta Tau. Each chapter is required to give special consideration to all legacies participating in membership recruitment. Though there is no guarantee of a bid, we do need to know ahead of time that the potential member is a legacy so that we can guarantee extra special consideration! Please see complete information on our legacies information page.

If the campus where your legacy attends school has deferred Fall recruitment to the Spring, she may be eligible for a bid in the Fall 2020 semester. Please refer to the campus Panhellenic rules for more information.

What are the grade requirements for membership in Sigma Delta Tau?

A minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average is required for initiation by our National organization. Each undergraduate chapter has the option of setting their GPA requirement higher, but may not go below this minimum. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, potential new members who do not meet the general GPA requirement will be considered on a case by case basis if approved to do so by the College Panhellenic.  We understand the adverse effects this experience could potentially have on college students and we will remain sensitive to each individual situation.

What are the financial implications of joining Sigma Delta Tau?

The cost of Sigma Delta Tau can vary by chapter location and membership status.  This variation includes fees for housing, meals, and local dues for chapter programming. Beyond individual chapter dues are national dues. A breakdown of Sigma Delta Tau’s national dues can be found here.

Your daughter is entitled to request a financial transparency sheet detailing a breakdown of local and national dues from the individual chapter she is interested in joining.  We understand the stress finances can cause, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic, and our chapters may offer payment options that make her financial obligations manageable.

What is the Sigma Delta Tau policy on hazing?

Hazing is against SDT policy and is not permitted! Hazing is any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.

The Sigma Delta Tau National New Member Education Program centers on a positive curriculum, designed to build sisterhood, trust, friendship, respect, leadership and pride. Any member found in violation of SDT’s anti-hazing policy is subject to dismissal from membership.

If any new member, parent, student or university administrator has concerns about any activity of a Sigma Delta Tau new member education program, please contact our National Headquarters immediately: nationaloffice@sigmadeltatau.org or 317-846-7747.

What is the Sigma Delta Tau policy concerning living in the chapter house?

In order to keep all chapter properties in excellent financial condition, each house must maintain full occupancy. To ensure this practice, all active members and new members must live in the chapter house, beginning at the first available opportunity, for a minimum of two years unless the house is filled to capacity with members of Sigma Delta Tau. All chapter officers are required to live in the chapter house. If a student elects to study abroad for a semester, she is still responsible for satisfying her obligations according to the stipulations in her housing contract.

Does Sigma Delta Tau provide scholarships?

The Sigma Delta Tau Foundation awards multiple scholarships  annually to  active sisters who are in need of financial aid. The Scholarship Committee, consisting of alumnae sisters, scores each applicant based on: financial need, sorority involvement, campus activities, academic achievement and a recommendation completed by the chapter advisor. Applications are due March 1st each year and are available on-line in the SDT Foundation section of this website. Scholarship recipients are announced July 1  with awards supporting tuition for the upcoming fall semester.  For more information, visit our Scholarship page in the SDT Foundation portion of our website.