The Torch Magazine


Do you have a new home, honor, baby or job? Do you know an SDT who does? Are you a writer or photographer who might like to contribute to an issue of the TORCH? Do you have a suggested topic for a special feature?

Submissions for the Fall 2020 issue of the TORCH are being accepted through August 2020. Information should be recent, from February  1, 2019 – August 1 2020 (items occurring after this time may appear in the next issue).here Are They Now: Submit name, chapter, graduation year, detailed information (50-100 words maximum) and a photo

  • Stream of Life (engagement, wedding, birth, death): Submit name, chapter, graduation year, type of post,  details you want shared publicly (approx. 30 words), and a photo
  • Articles: Please contact SDT Director of Communications, to discuss article ideas or submissions for TORCH
  • Alumnae Associations: Submit photo, event details, and names and chapters of all in the photo
  • Cross Country: Submit chapter name and Spring 2019 semester highlights (maximum 75 words)



Production standards for The TORCH require that we include only the sharpest photos available. When taking photos, always use a flash indoors. Set your camera to the highest setting with the least compression (photos need to be at least 8″ wide and at least 150 dpi, usually over 1MB in file size). Do not edit or alter your images before sending; we need the original, unprocessed/unfiltered file (we cannot accept images downloaded from social media sites like Facebook or Instagram). If using a phone camera, send the original file directly from your device without compressing or optimizing. Our production team will handle all color corrections, lightening, cropping, etc.


The TORCH is an educational journal published semiannually in the Spring and Fall from the Sigma Delta Tau National Headquarters. Contained in the publication are: collegiate chapter reports, alumnae news, information on national programs and meetings, individual member features, Foundation updates, award recipients, current issues concerning campus life, women’s health, and much, much more!


Enjoy our most recent issues by clicking on the cover page to be taken to the digital edition. If you didn’t receive a hard copy in the mail, please make sure we have your current information on file by completing the Update your Address form.


The Spring 2020 issue had already gone into production just as the COVID-19 global health crisis was beginning to affect our chapters and members. The impact of the pandemic will be chronicled in the Fall issue of the Torch.