SDT Capital Corp Member Benefits

Supporting housing for this membership of all sisters is an area still to be served on a national level. The Sorority created the Sigma Delta Tau Capital Corporation (SDTCC) with a vision to support the values of Sigma Delta Tau as a whole by investing in our properties, members, and volunteers to provide a living environment promoting Sisterhood, academics, and well-being. 

SDTCC Membership Tiers and Benefits

The SDTCC membership model was created with the mindset that no two properties are alike, developed with your chapter’s interests in mind to work with your local housing corporations and volunteers. After a consultation with the SDTCC Team, we will work with you to determine which membership level your chapter would best benefit from and how we can further tailor features to your individual facility.


  • Legal services
    • Lease Agreements
    • Pre-Lease/Membership Agreements
    • Policy Documents
    • House Director Agreements
    • Vendor Agreements
    • Meal Service Agreements
    • Additional legal support as needed
  • Project/incident-based consulting services


  • All services provided to Supported member groups 
  • Local house corporation becomes a subsidiary of the SDTCC and shifts to advisory role 
  • Professional facility assessment for owned properties
  • Daily operations overseen by SDTCC
    • 24/7 facility management, accounting, and tax filing may incur a third-party fee