SDT Capital Corp Member Benefits

Supporting housing for this membership of all sisters is an area still to be served on a national level. The Sorority created the Sigma Delta Tau Capital Corporation (SDTCC) with a vision to support the values of Sigma Delta Tau as a whole by investing in our properties, members, and volunteers to provide a living environment promoting Sisterhood, academics, and well-being. 

SDTCC Membership Tiers and Benefits

The SDTCC membership model was created with the mindset that no two properties are alike, developed with your chapter’s interests in mind to work with your local housing corporations and volunteers. After a consultation with the SDTCC Team, we will work with you to determine which level of service your chapter would best benefit from and how we can further tailor features to your individual facility.

Tier 1

All Housing Documents

Access to propriety housing documents for your operations, and assistance creating additional resources​

  • Lease Agreements​
  • Membership Agreements​
  • Policy Documents​

Consulting Services

Project and goal-based consulting opportunities with industry experts and partnerships

National Legal Services

Guidance for housing and organizational related legal matters through SDTCC retainer services

House Corporation Remains In Local Control​

Contact SDTCC for pricing details.

Tier 2

Tier 1 services plus:

Increased Consulting Services

Expanded access to in-house and industry partners to assist with project-based and strategic goals for your chapter​

Facility Assessment

Detailed facility assessment conducted to map out all conditions of the facility and areas of opportunity for local corporation strategic planning

CAPEX Planning

Creating a detailed 3–5-year improvements timeline with projects to maximize your facility for membership benefits

Billing Services

Access to accounting partnerships to streamline your collections processes, and create standardized financial reporting for your corporation

Annual Tax Filing

Assistance alongside our accounting partner to ensure all state and federal tax filings are completed, and areas of opportunity for future tax benefits

House Corporation Remains In Local Control

Contact SDTCC for pricing details.

Tier 3

Tiers 1 & 2 services plus:

Local Housing Corp Absorbed

Your local corporation is transitioned to a subsidiary of the SDTCC, but still autonomous of other properties’ operations ​

Volunteer Responsibilities Shift to an Advisory Focus

We work with your corporation volunteers to restructure responsibilities to take on a more strategic role as opposed to the headaches of day-to-day oversight

Daily Property Management Overseen by SDTCC

Alongside our partners at CSL Management, we will handle all daily operations of the property, vet vendors, support in-house staff, and ensure the functioning of your property is following your strategic goals as a corporation and SDTCC member

Most Comprehensive

This allows us to work on your behalf in a collaborative manner and take lead on the headaches associated with running large residential property

Contact SDTCC for pricing details.