legacies smallDefinition: A legacy is a sister, daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter and step relationship of each (e.g., step-sister/daughter) of a member of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority and shall be given special consideration when she is a candidate for membership. A Sitting Sister legacy is a legacy whose sister is a current member of the chapter where the Potential New Member is going through recruitment.

We realize our number of legacies is ever increasing. Many of our chapters now find so many legacies participating in membership recruitment that it is impossible to pledge all of them.

We emphasize to our chapters the great value of pledging legacies; we explain how their heritage is already linked to Sigma Delta Tau and how this can strengthen their chapter. We feel this is the responsibility of the National Council, to educate the collegians on the importance of giving every SDT legacy special attention during membership recruitment.

We also feel there is a need for alumnae responsibility with regard to the legacy question. If you’re sending a daughter, sister or granddaughter to college, please encourage their participation in the Greek system. They certainly already know how important Sigma Delta Tau is to you, yet they must also be aware they cannot be guaranteed a bid to any chapter. Though they cannot be guaranteed a bid, they can be guaranteed extra special consideration!

As an alumna, please let us know ahead of time that your legacy is participating in membership recruitment. A legacy is a special gift, deserving of special courtesy.