Suicide Prevention Workshops

I believe mental health and recognizing the signs of someone needing help is so important. You never know what someone is going through, so being kind and reaching out can go a long way. This program was very educational in making me more knowledgeable about how to help others in certain situations that may feel uncomfortable.

Chelsea Parker
Gamma Eta—University of South Florida

Mental health is more important now than ever.

In an effort to provide our collegians with as many tools as possible, Sigma Delta Tau has partnered with Gelt Charitable Foundation and will be hosting “If You See Something, Say Something” Suicide Alert Workshops.

These workshops provide suicide alertness and mental health awareness training which equips participants with the tools to help in times of crisis. Information provided should not be relied on and one should seek licensed mental health professionals for more information or treatment. Due to generous funding from the Gelt Charitable Foundation, the workshop fee is covered in its entirety.

Below is the schedule for your region’s Suicide Alert Workshop. If you have any questions, please contact your regional director.

FloridaNov. 10, 20208pm ET
New JerseyDec. 1, 20208pm ET
NYC/LIDec. 2, 20208pm ET
MidwestJan. 13, 20218pm ET
Upstate EastJan. 19, 20218pm ET
Mid-AtlanticJan. 25, 202112pm ET
New EnglandFeb. 1, 20218pm ET
SouthFeb. 3, 20218pm ET
Upstate WestFeb. 16, 20218pm ET
POMFeb. 22, 20218pm ET