SDT Capital Corp FAQ

Why did these national fees increase?
Costs for essential services – including program resources, operations, and staffing – have are a new cost associated with providing this good to the Sorority. This new housing fee allows the Sorority to account for these associated costs without discounting other ongoing programs that benefit all Sisters.

But why $10 per year?
This amount was determined to have a minimal impact on the average member and allow for chapters to properly budget without significant changes. It will help further the strategic priority of housing for Sigma Delta Tau in order to supply staff and other operational needs to support the mentioned benefits. Additionally, this was determined as a competitive fee after conducting research on comparable fees set by many peer organizations with varying housing initiatives of their own.

What About Currently Unhoused Chapters?
Unhoused groups will have the same access to the above examples and SDTCC staff support as other housed groups within SDT. While many campuses may not currently have traditional housing for Greek-lettered organizations, we see shifts in this stance at campuses across the country due to changing student demographics. So, an unhoused chapter today does not mean housing opportunities will not be available in the future. In that case, the SDTCC can be ready to support those groups when the opportunity presents itself.

What About Chapters Currently Not a Part of the SDTCC Itself?
Our hope is in time all local housing corporations will continue to see the value that this new national partner brings and sign on as a member. In the meantime, assistance can be provided to local corporations in need of assistance or may have interest in joining the SDTCC at a lower tier of entry. The National Housing Fee will be assessed to all undergraduate members, regardless of affiliation with the SDTCC, in order to support the strategic objective of furthering housing support for the entire organization.

What About Chapters in University Housing?
The SDTCC has staff and partners that have or currently work with university facilities and can provide ample support to chapters in these types of residences. In addition to the assistance opportunities already outlined, the SDTCC can work with the host institution on behalf of the undergraduate chapter to address any ongoing issues, projects, or long-term goals.

Will these national fees continue to increase?
Although no decision about future increases has been made, the cost of operating our new national housing corporation and other services increases every year. Should it be necessary to increase fees in the future, the National Board of Directors and SDTCC has agreed to evaluate the needs and make such decisions, whenever possible, that decisions can be announced with as much lead time as possible to allow chapters to plan accordingly.