Collegiate Leadership Team

Take your Leadership to the Next Level!

The ΣΔΤ Collegiate Leadership Team (CLT) is comprised of dynamic, undergraduate ΣΔΤ sisters who have demonstrated a personal interest in leadership and who aspire to further develop their leadership skills and their involvement with Sigma Delta Tau on a national level. The CLT members shall serve as change agents and represent the collegiate voice at the national level of our organization. Each member is charged with promoting the ideals and values of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority and the initiatives of the National Board of Directors.

The ΣΔΤ CLT’s primary role will be to assist the National Board of Directors and National Volunteers on special projects. In addition, we will look to the CLT for feedback and ideas when creating innovative and effective programming and tools for our chapters. Participation on the CLT will allow members to share their leadership experience with others and foster personal and professional growth with fellow ΣΔΤ sisters.

Members of the ΣΔΤ CLT are also required to participate in a virtual orientation and training weekend in late October or early November to begin the planning process, refine leadership skills and build relationships with fellow CLT members.

In the event that travel becomes possible for CLT events, the ΣΔΤ sisters selected for the team will have their travel, hotel, food, and registration expenses paid for by the National Organization for any programming they might be asked to facilitate and participate in, such as Elevate or Convention. Sisters must be able to participate in monthly conference calls that focus on training, conversations with SDT National Board of Directors, provide feedback to our organizational partners and assist in planning for regional and national programs.

For further information about this program, please email the Collegiate Leadership Team Coordinator, Daryn Foster at

Application Deadline for 2020-2021 is Sunday, October 4th.

2019-2020 Collegiate Leadership Team

Hannah Arp

Gamma Rho-Ramapo College of New Jersey, New Jersey Region

Positions Held: President, Vice President, Vice President of Philanthropy/Philanthropy Chair, Committee Member/General Board Member, Standards Board Representative

After attending our Summer 2018 National Convention, I discovered a deeper passion for SDT. Additionally, I have represented Ramapo College’s Panhellenic community and SDT at the Northeastern Greek Leadership Association Conference during Spring 2019. Currently, I hold the position of Chapter President. I intend to continue my SDT experience after college and hope to be involved at a national level in the future. 

Sabrina Bedell

Gamma Pi-University of Tampa, Florida Region

Positions Held: Committee Member/General Board Member, VP of Communications and Programming, Community Service Chair

I want to serve on the CLT because I want to help other chapters and members grow the way Sigma Delta Tau has helped me grow. Being a leader in a sorority gives you the opportunity to make impactful and positive changes in other sisters’ lives and I would love to have that opportunity.

Anissa Brantley

Beta Chi-University of Kansas, Midwest Region

Positions Held: Vice President of Recruitment/Recruitment Chair, Committee Member/General Board Member, Sister Advocacy Committee Chair

I would like to serve on the CLT because it gives young women on the chapter level an opportunity to be heard on the national level. It empowers me and all of my sisters to have a chance to do something good for the whole sisterhood.

Taylor Corpuz

Gamma Mu-Northeastern University, Northeast Region

Positions Held: Panhellenic Representative, Committee Member/General Board Member

Joining CLT would provide me with the opportunity to fine tune my leadership skills so that I can be the best leader I can be. Also, I would be provided the opportunity to bring newly honed skills back to my own chapter to share, to encourage other women to become leaders and guide those in leadership positions so that the chapter can be at its best. 

Jaime DeVita

Gamma Chi-SUNY Geneseo, Upstate West Region

Positions Held: Committee Member/General Board Member

As a legacy of SDT I’ve always had a passion for SDT and want to give back to the sisterhood what I’ve gotten out of it. I’ve always wanted to partake in an activity where I get to test and strengthen my skills as a leader.  

Angela Rizzo

Gamma Omega-Adelphi University, NYC/Long Island Region

Positions Held: President, Vice President, Committee Member/General Board Member, Sisterhood Chair, IFC Representative

I believe that the reason I am so passionate about Sigma Delta Tau is because I’ve always been surrounded by the most inspiring and motivational women. These women have given me the courage to step into leadership roles and I would like to be a part of a group of women who also get to inspire others. 

Bella Lardao

Gamma Theta-SUNY Cortland, Upstate East Region

Positions Held: President, Panhellenic Board Member, Recruitment Counselor, Slating Board

If I can I be a role model to my sisters and share my positive energy, then I will be able to be a better sister, but I will also be able to benefit my chapter because they will have a leader to guide them.

Casey Stachler

Eta-University of Georgia, South Region

Positions Held: Vice President of Recruitment/Recruitment Chair, Committee Member/General Board Member

Sigma Delta Tau has given me some of my best friends, countless opportunities, boundless love and a sense of belonging that I never knew I could feel. I want to serve on the CLT so that I can give back to the organization that has given so much to me. Eta has been my home at UGA an I want to do my part in ensuring SDT’s success everywhere so that women like me can have the same sense of belonging and love that defines Sigma Delta Tau.

Angela Steinberg

Beta Beta-Michigan State University, POM Region

Positions Held: President, Head of Standards/Standards Chair, Committee Member/General Board Member, New Member Education Assistant, Risk Management Mentor at Stockton University

Leadership within SDT led me to empowering women and granted me with the opportunity to realize my limitless capabilities. Somewhere, there sits similar young women, under-valuing their own strengths and unaware of the impact SDT could have on changing their mindset. I want to be one of the advocates vocalizing that impact and sharing my own leadership experiences I would be proud to act as an undergraduate leadership representative for SDT.

Madison Wicks

Alpha Tau-George Washington University, Mid-Atlantic Region

Positions Held: Vice President of Recruitment/Recruitment Chair, New Member Educator, House Manager, Panhellenic Representative, Committee Member/General Board Member, Chair of Panhellenic Sexual Assault Working Group

Serving on the CLT would help me transition from an active collegiate sister to an involved alumna by reinforcing my connections to the national organization. I hope that serving on CLT will allow me the platform to share all that I have learned as well as learn from other leaders while helping me build additional skills that will serve me after graduation.