National Dues and Fees

Learning Financial Responsibility Is a Valuable Life Skill for Our Members

Learning about the costs of Sigma Delta Tau —whether paying membership fees or operating on a balanced chapter budget while serving as a chapter leader—is an important part of the sorority experience. The cost of Sigma Delta Tau may vary by chapter location and member. The costs of housing, meals, dues and programming are our greatest expenses and can vary by school. Outside of these local chapter fees are national dues and fees. We understand paying for college is a huge expense. That’s why the Sigma Delta Tau Foundation offers scholarships and grants to a limited number of students. The availability and award amount of scholarships and grants vary by year, depending on the generosity of our donors and the performance of our investments.

National Dues and Fees

Our members pay national dues and fees to support the activities and operations of our organization.

Collegiate Chapter Dues, Fees and Housing Costs

Each chapter establishes its own costs for housing and meals, dues and other fees. Chapter costs are determined by chapter members. The membership contract will specify amount, date and method of payment.

NATIONAL DUES AND FEES (Click here to view our dues infographic.)

One-time new member dues and fees

  • National new member fee
  • New member initiation fee
  • Badge fee

Collegiate dues and fees by semester:

National dues and fees:

  • Supports Sigma Delta Tau programs and initiatives
  • Provides the chapter with support from Sigma Delta Tau staff and volunteers
  • Covers technology, leadership conferences, the bi-annual Convention, National programming, and Torch magazine

Foundation fund fee:

  • The Sigma Delta Tau Foundation supports sorority programming for members; chapter officer training, philanthropic efforts, life skills programming and financial assistance specifically for our collegiate women.


  • Supports and provides liability coverage.

SDT Capital Corp fee:

  • Provides all members with:
    • consults from industry experts
    • leasing assistance
    • improved pricing for housing goods
    • legal services and contract reviews
    • storage facility assistance


Inactive Status:  Member must submit ALL paperwork to National Office within the first TWO weeks of the semester. If approved, individual is only responsible for National Inactive Fee for that semester/quarter.

Married Student:  Alumna status.

Special Status (Abroad, Internships, Student-Teaching, Part-Time Students): Responsible for Abroad Fee plus any House Corporation fees.