DEI Pulse Survey

Thanks to our campus partners for taking the time to assist us in collecting vital information to support our members. Our aim is to gain an improved understanding of campus resources available to our members, along with a better grasp of the campus and community demographics.


Please download the form below and provide us with as much information as possible. Here is a breakdown on what you will find on each tab:

  • On the first tab, DEI Campus Resources, please include campus departments or centers that do work in the DEI space that our chapter can access for both resources and programming (i.e. Multicultural Department, Center for Social Justice).
  • On the second tab, Community Demographics, please include the demographic information you have access to for the student population.
  • On the third tab, Chapter Demographics, please provide any raw data your are able to share about members of the SDT chapter.


Once you have entered the data, please save the file with your institution’s name (Ex: Cornell-Campus) and email it back to Sigma Delta Tau at

Thank you again for helping us on this initiative. Should you have any questions, please contact Annie Hardie, Director of Chapter Services at


Download the Spreadsheet:

DEI Pulse Survey