InveSDT in Yourself: Financial Literacy

Sigma Delta Tau’s InveSDT in Yourself: Financial Literacy program provides training to support our collegiate members’ ability to make informed, confident and independent decisions regarding their financial health. Facilitated by SDT alumnae who have successfully transitioned from college life to established careers, this program addresses what can be intimidating topics – such as managing income sources, establishing a budget and building credit – in an easy-to-understand format that includes relevant examples and practice activities.

Safe Smart Dating

Sigma Delta Tau’s Safe Smart Dating program is an interactive educational program designed to explore gender norms, define healthy relationships and train participants on how to be active bystanders. It was developed in collaboration with Jewish Women International (JWI) and Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) and is the first national program for Greek collegiate communities to explore dating abuse and sexual assault. It is available as an in-person or virtual program.

Shining Together: Building Inclusive Recruitment Practices

Sigma Delta Tau’s Shining Together: Building Inclusive Recruitment Practices program is an interactive, highly participatory program where collegiate members will explore individual social identities, discuss privilege and bias and unpack how these concepts show up in recruitment. Together, members will identify opportunities for creating inclusive recruitment practices that extend into day-to-day chapter life, ultimately fostering a sense of community and belonging for all sisters.