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Our Purpose

“It shall be the purpose of this fraternal organization to form a close social and fraternal union of those of similar ideals and to foster, maintain and instill such ideals in the hearts of its members as will result in actions worthy of the highest precepts of true womanhood, democracy and humanity.”

Sigma Delta Tau National Bylaws, Article I, Section 2

Our Motto

“Patriae Multae Spes Una” / One Hope of Many People

black and white old photo of a large gathering of SDT members


On March 25, 1917, seven young Jewish women, who exemplified self-confidence and the willingness to take a chance, founded a new sorority at Cornell University. Read about the shining history of Sigma Delta Tau.

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Strength in Individuality

We value and celebrate each member’s distinct qualities and perspectives, fostering a sisterhood enriched by diversity. We embrace our members’ uniqueness and lead with authenticity.

Connection through Sisterhood

Our bond goes beyond friendship – we support and uplift each other. Through celebrating shared experiences and providing unwavering support, we create lifelong connections that bring a sense of belonging.

Engagement for a Lifetime

Our commitment to personal growth and community involvement lasts a lifetime. We offer ongoing support, resources, and programs to empower our members to continue growing and leading beyond graduation.

Enriching Community

We believe in the power of unity, collaboration, and service to create a better world. Through service projects and community outreach, we strive to contribute to stronger, more inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and supported.

SDT Crest


Golden Tea Rose flower


Golden Tea Rose

Lapis Lazuli jewel


Lapis Lazuli

SDT Jeweled Torch


Jeweled Torch

SDT colors


Café Au Lait and Old Blue

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