Legacies add an extraordinary dimension to our membership by connecting generations of family ties, enriching our sisterhood with a unique and special bond.

A Sigma Delta Tau legacy is the sister, daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter or step-relation of each (i.e., stepsister/daughter) of an active member or alumna of Sigma Delta Tau. A sitting sister legacy is a legacy whose sister is a current active member of the chapter where they are seeking membership.

Sigma Delta Tau chapters are educated on the value of legacies and the ways in which their linked heritage to Sigma Delta Tau can strengthen the chapter’s sisterhood. It is our policy that Sigma Delta Tau legacies shall be given special consideration when they are a candidate for membership. While chapters are expected to show legacies sincere interest and careful consideration, legacies are not guaranteed membership – many times simply because there are so many legacies participating in recruitment that it is impossible to pledge them all.

If you are a current undergraduate or alumna member of Sigma Delta Tau you can recommend a legacy member for membership in an upcoming recruitment.