SDT Mentor Program

Sigma Delta Tau is proud to offer a mentorship program to connect sisters with one another for professional guidance.

We have partnered with Ambition in Motion, an online mentoring platform, to develop this program. Using the Ambition In Motion matching process, sisters are matched with a mentor based on various compatibility factors including career interests, majors and much more.



The online platform allows you to interact and share experiences through the program. This platform also hosts live, online workshops about mentorship etiquette, how to prepare for each mentorship conversation and how to ask the right questions. The platform provides videos and written content to help prepare you for the program. You will also have access to the Ambition In Motion employer network.

If selected for the program, you will be provided with your mentor’s contact information so you can connect based on your communication preference – whether that be via email, video chat, phone calls or in-person meetings.

Over the course of the semester, you can expect to:

  • Have a minimum of three, 30-minute conversations with your mentor
  • Attend four, 1-hour workshops to learn mentorship etiquette and preparation for mentor conversations
  • Complete three, 3-minute surveys to provide mentorship updates and a final post-program assessment
  • Meet with your Brand Ambassador three times to provide feedback

Qualifications and Requirements

  • SDT undergraduate member
  • No GPA requirement
  • Must be in good standing with your chapter (may not be inactive and may not be studying abroad)
  • There is a $50 fee per semester

Key Dates

  • The application deadline is September 10
  • The program starts in September and ends in December



Ambition In Motion would like to hire one Brand Ambassador from each of our chapters with the responsibility to encourage sisters to join the program, answer questions about the program and ensure that the program runs successfully.

This is a paid position in which you will have the opportunity to improve your professional communication skills, gain opportunities to further involve yourself with the campus community and aid in the professional development of your sisters.

In order to apply to become a Brand Ambassador, please sign up to be in the mentor program and then you can apply to become a Brand Ambassador. The deadline to apply to be a Brand Ambassador is August 24.



The mentorship program is a great opportunity for you to share your career experience with a current undergraduate student or alumna of Sigma Delta Tau. This program gives you the flexibility to connect with your mentee on your own time. Over the course of the semester, we ask that you have, at minimum, three, 30-minute conversations with your mentee. These mentoring conversations can take place in-person (if matched locally), via video chat or over the phone.

We strongly encourage you to apply for this rewarding program.The deadline to apply is September 10, and the Fall program runs from September to December.


The mentorship program is also open to Alumnae who wish to be paired with a mentor. Mentorship can have a significant impact on your professional development as you pursue new job opportunities, apply for a graduate degree, navigate difficult professional situations and transition into a management role. The deadline to apply is September 10 and the Fall program runs from September to December. There is a $99 registration fee.