Empowered Alumnae Speaker Series

Sigma Delta Tau is proud to welcome some of our distinguished alumnae to participate in our Empowered Alumnae Speaker Series.

We are currently in the process of scheduling Empowered Alumnae webinars for spring 2019. If you are interested in being a featured speaker or know an empowered alumna who may be interested, please complete the interest form. 


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Upcoming Webinars

Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 9 p.m. ET

Mandee Heller Adler, Beta-University of Pennsylvania

College Admissions: What to Look for and How to Get In!

Getting accepted into college is more stressful, confusing, and complicated than ever. During this Empowered Alumnae Speaker Series webinar, Mandee Heller Adler, Founder and Managing Partner of International College, will teach parents what their student needs to do in high school in order to stand out in the college admissions process.


Mandee Heller Adler is the Founder and Managing Partner of International College Counselors, one of the world’s largest independent college advising companies. In her current role, she and her team of expert college advisors provide individualized attention to students all over the world in order to aid them in properly tackling the undergraduate and graduate college admission process. Mandee is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with Honors and two degrees – one from the Wharton School and one from the College of Arts and Sciences.

During her four years at Penn, Mandee was an active member of Sigma Delta Tau’s Beta Chapter and was also the Panhellenic Council representative. After graduating Penn, Mandee worked as an investment banker at Goldman, Sachs & Co in New York. She then went on to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School where she was selected as a Class Day Speaker. Mandee served on the Executive Board of the Penn Fund, and for 13 years worked as an alumni interviewer for the school. She was also President of the Penn Gold Coast Alumni Association, representing Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 

In 2014, Mandee authored the book, From Public School to the Ivy League: How to get into a top school without top dollar resources.  Her second book, International Admissions: How to get accepted to U.S. Colleges, was released in 2017. She is a Certified Educational Planner, a member of the Women’s President’s Organization, and a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. Mandee spends a lot of time giving back to her community by providing counseling to underserved students, mentoring new college consultants, giving free presentations at non-profits, and serving on Boards. Mandee has helped hundreds of students reach their college goals. For Mandee’s work, she has been featured in a range of newspapers and media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money, NBC News, FOX Business News and US News and World Report.

About International College Counselors
International College Counselors is an admissions consulting company specializing in exceptionally personalized support for students and their families worldwide who seek acceptance to colleges and graduate schools in the United States. Families receive expert advice and guidance as it pertains to university selection, essay writing, application review, college visits, interview preparation, and more. The college advisors work one-on-one with clients to create individualized plans and get students accepted into the best fit school for them.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019, 9 p.m. ET

Lisa Schlosberg, Chi-University of Michigan

What Losing 150 Pounds Taught Me About Mental Health

95-98% of people who lose weight on a diet gain it back, plus some. The traditional “eat less, exercise more” paradigm is clearly not working for us long-term, but it’s not as simple as saying diets don’t work. They do. It’s just that diets can’t end. When we hit our “goal weight” and stop following the plan, the weight creeps back. So, the real question is not how to lose the weight; the real question is how to maintain it. Because the only way for weight loss to be maintained is if the means through which it’s achieved are sustainable, we must consider our mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social health throughout the process. By learning how to tune into the needs of your mind, body and soul, you will lose the need for counting, portioning, tracking, weighing and dieting altogether.


About Lisa

Lisa Schlosberg is a Certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, and graduate student at New York University for Clinical Social Work. Her experience losing 150 pounds in college (while living in the SDT sorority house) taught her about the importance of mental health: it wasn’t until she stopped overeating, and under-eating, that she realized both had been means of dealing with unexpressed emotion. By implementing healthier coping skills and exploring her psychological relationship with food, she has been able to sustain her weight loss, without dieting, for six years. Inspired by a holistic approach to overall wellness, she hopes to teach people about a mind-body approach for sustainable and effortless weight management.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 8 p.m. ET

Jacqueline Friedland, Beta-University of Pennsylvania

(Re)Starting a Career – Finding a Better Fit

During this Empowered Alumnae Speaker Series, Jacqueline will discuss

  • what changing careers means to different individuals;
  • how to prepare to change careers;
  • tips for someone considering changing careers;
  • resources for people to read / review for future reference or examine;
  • things she wishes she had known before choosing her first career;
  • things she wishes she had known before starting her second career; and
  • the courage required to switch gears and pursue a creative career after investing time and money in a different field.


About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Friedland is the author of the award-winning historical fiction novel, Trouble the Water (SparkPress May 8, 2018).  Trouble the Water takes place in antebellum Charleston, South Carolina, approximately twenty years prior to the start of the Civil War.  Jacqueline also teaches writing workshops and reviews fiction regularly for trade publications. Prior to pursuing a career as a writer, Jacqueline spent several years working as an attorney.

A graduate of both the University of Pennsylvania and NYU Law School, Jacqueline practiced as a commercial litigator at the New York law firms of Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP and Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP. She also clerked for a federal judge in lower Manhattan. Disenchanted with her life as an office-based attorney, Jacqueline began teaching Legal Writing and Lawyering Skills at the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in Manhattan and working on her first book in her limited spare time. Finally deciding to embrace her passion and pursue writing full time, Jacqueline returned to school to earn her Masters of Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, graduating from the program in 2016.  She finished her first novel shortly after graduating from the program and is hard at work on her next book.

When not writing, Jacqueline is an avid reader of all things fiction. She loves to exercise, watch movies with her family, listen to music, make lists, and dream about exotic vacations. She lives in Westchester, New York with her husband, four children and two dogs.