Response to University of Michigan Chi Chapter Incident

In January, many members of the Chi Chapter attended a ski trip to the Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Michigan with the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. This was not a sorority-sponsored social event. Allegations were made that extensive damage was done to the hotel while our members were present. We investigated the matter and found no evidence that our women were responsible for the damage and destruction. A complaint was filed against the chapter and the matter went before the University of Michigan Greek Activities Review Panel (GARP), the judicial body for the Greek Councils. GARP’s recommended sanctions including educational sessions, community service and six weeks of social probation was then sent to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students agreed with GARP’s recommendations, but also imposed substantially more severe sanctions including a two year Disciplinary Suspension (no recruitment or social activities) for the chapter.
While we support the majority of GARP’s recommendations, we strongly believe that the university’s additional sanctions are unreasonable due to the lack of specific evidence linking our chapter members to the allegations. It is Sigma Delta Tau’s opinion that our women did not play a part in the destruction and vandalism on site. Additionally, we feel that the women attempted to intervene as they saw fit.
The National Organization has supported the chapter throughout the process. We positioned a National Consultant on site, as well as sent a Past National President to participate in the GARP hearing on behalf of the chapter.
We have been working with legal counsel throughout the process and will continue to do so as we determine the next steps.

Michelle Carlson
National President