Outstanding Scholar Profile: Hannah Snidman, Alpha Upsilon-Bradley University

By Sara Puppala,

This blog series is dedicated to SDT’s Outstanding Scholars. These women are nominated by their chapters for their dedication to school, as well as their contribution to the chapter.

Hannah Snidman

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

What has been your favorite class and why?

My favorite class so far has been Social Psychology because we were able to learn about fascinating studies that revealed how and why individuals interact with each other and their environments. This class inspired me to become a social psychologist.

What is/are your go-to study method/s?

I try to study in the library basement with friends as often as possible. The basement is silent, which provides a great environment for concentration. Completing homework quietly next to friends reminds me that we all are working hard for our degrees.

What’s your favorite study break activity?

I think exercising is an important way to take a break from studying. After a workout, I feel healthier and happier, so I am ready to get back to studying for an exam or writing a paper.

What is your must have study snack?

The library cafe makes incredible sugar cookies, so I oftentimes treat myself to one while I work downstairs.

How has SDT helped you achieve academic success?

My little served as our Vice President of Academics this past year, and she planned many fun academic related events. We held Study Session Saturdays, an award ceremony for Dean’s List, Professor’s Dinner and more. SDT makes working hard fun and rewarding.

What advice do you have for being a standout scholar?

Use incentives and motivation to your advantage. I tell myself that I can check my phone after I finish this assignment, or I can go grab food after an hour of focused studying, etc.

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