Outstanding Scholar Profile: Hannah Blustein, Alpha-Cornell University

By SDT Headquarters,

This blog series is dedicated to SDT’s Outstanding Scholars. These women are nominated by their chapters for their dedication to school, as well as their contribution to the chapter.

Hannah Blustein

Hannah is dedicated to both her studies and Sigma Delta Tau. She handles the pressure of Cornell’s rigorous course load with grace, and takes on additional challenges (like minoring in business, education, inequality studies and law and society). Hannah is known for encouraging others and pushing them to excel alongside of her. She has served as Alpha’s secretary and sisterhood chair, helping to improve the chapter by increasing morale and ensuring chapter-wide organization. Even after leaving her position, she continued to work with the chapter president and risk manager. Hannah is friends with everyone and goes out of her way to help others, constantly checking in to ensure everyone is happy and satisfied with both school and the chapter.

Major: Industrial and Labor Relations

Year: Senior

What has been your favorite class and why?

My favorite class I have taken at Cornell is Controversies about Inequality, the introduction course for the inequality studies minor. Growing up in a relatively homogeneous suburb of New York City, I was a bit sheltered from inequality, and how it affects millions of citizens of disadvantaged populations. This class explored five dimensions of inequality: race, class, and punishment; education, schools, and achievement; spatial inequality, neighborhoods, and segregation; gender, sex, and identity; moral obligations, global inequality, and social justice. The professor was engaging, inspiring, and passionate. Controversies about Inequality exposed me to so many new perspectives that altered my desired career path.

What is/are your go-to study method/s?

My favorite way to study is to write out information in my own words three to ten times to foster an understanding of the material.

What’s your favorite study break activity?

Doing nothing with my sisters is the best study break, seriously. During exam periods when all of us are stressed and overworked, it’s so nice to spend a few minutes laughing with friends in the library lounges or at home.

What is your must have study snack?

Any cheese flavored snacks like Goldfish, Doritos, Cheetos, Cheez-its, you name it.

How has SDT helped you achieve academic success?

At Cornell, there is a joke that there is peer pressure to go to the library. My sisters do not pressure me into going to the library, but they certainly motivate me. My first semester living in the chapter house, my GPA increased significantly and I felt more confident about my coursework. I am in awe of the driven and ambitious young women I am surrounded by through my affiliation with Sigma Delta Tau. They bring out the best student in me and inspire me regularly. Additionally, my major of Industrial and Labor Relations is quite popular in SDT and our ILRxSDT community is close-knit and supportive.

What advice do you have for being a standout scholar?

Show your professors how hard you work. You don’t need to get an A+ on every exam or paper, but make sure your professors know that you are prepared for class each day and that you prioritize your coursework.

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