Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

Additional resources will be available here as they are made available. We appreciate your grace as we continue to create resources for chapters and advisors to support more diverse, equitable and inclusive communities.

2020–2021 Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee Members


Victoria Alexander
Gamma Mu—Northeastern University (2016)

Ex-Officio Member

Margaux Manley Lima, National President
Alpha Mu—University of Miami (2002)

National Volunteers

Emily Freed, National Secretary/Treasurer
Alpha Epsilon—Purdue University (2005)

Samantha Herman
Alpha Tau—George Washington University (2014) 

Lesley Levin
Upsilon—Indiana University (1969)

Olivia Reevey
Gamma Mu—Northeastern University (2015)

Jessica Ryan
Gamma Eta, University of South Florida (2008)


Ashley Graddy
Gamma Lambda—Florida State University (2016)

Lori Halpern Drock
Eta—University of Georgia (1990)

Maisha Hoque
Gamma Delta—American University (2019)

Constance Hosonnah
Beta Zeta—Queens College (2018)

Desiree Kelly
Delta Lambda—Farmingdale State University (2019)

Mariana Martins
Delta Kappa—Western Connecticut State University (2020)

Lanik McIntire
Phi—Pennsylvania State University (2002)

Jessica Meister
Alpha Iota—Tulane University (2020)

Toyana Niraula
Tau—University of Texas (2018)

Alyssa Parks
Gamma Kappa—SUNY Oswego (2019) 


Emma Brushaber
Beta Tau—Rutgers University (2021)

Aditi Kaveti
Beta Phi—Stony Brook University (2023)

Ypsilla Raihan
Delta Lambda—Farmingdale State University (2018)

Marissa Trubatch
Delta Omicron—Kent State University (2021)

Alexandra Velez
Gamma Lambda—Florida State University (2023)

Brianna Walters
Gamma Mu—Northeastern University (2021)

If you have any questions or would like to contact the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, please email nationaloffice@sigmadeltatau.org.