Sigma Delta Tau is continually updating undergraduate educational programming to enhance our students’ collegiate experience.  Ongoing education is offered at SDT’s National Convention, Elevate (chapter officer leadership development program), Leadership Consultant visits, officer transition programs, risk management workshops and New Member Education programming.  Chapter Advisors are trained annually to ensure professional hands-on education at the campus level.

The SDT Standards for Chapter Achievement below is utilized as a guideline to ensure consistent, balanced programming for every collegiate member.



All chapters are required to meet criteria in each of the following seven areas.  All areas are reported on in the annual Sigma Delta Tau Awards Packet.


  • Chapter must maintain cooperative and regular contact with Chapter Advisor.
  • Chapter must submit weekly meeting minutes to the National Office and their Chapter Advisor.
  • Chapter must accurately complete and submit all forms including roster, new member announcement, membership contracts, officer announcements, social media survey, and any other requests, by the designated dues dates to the National Office.
  • Chapter must add all new members into ChapterSpot no later than 3 weeks following bid day.
  • Chapter must print jewelry order via ChapterSpot and send with a check for initiation and pin fees to National Office at least two weeks prior to initiation.
  • Chapter must complete insurance forms prior to all activities held outside of regular meeting place.  Completed forms are to be kept on file with the Chapter.
  • Chapter must submit budget and Monthly Financial Statements to the National Office for approval.  The semester budget must be sent within the first two weeks of the semester.  The monthly financial statements must be sent two weeks after the close of each month.
  • Chapter must clear all accounts receivable by the end of each term.
  • Chapter must cooperate in arranging accommodations and the schedule for visits from all National Representatives.


  • Chapter must conduct at least one Membership Recruitment information/preparation workshop prior to Recruitment.
  • Chapter must submit Recruitment Planner to National Office and Recruitment Coordinator prior to the start of Recruitment.
  • Chapter must strive to fill Panhellenic quota and reach campus total during the academic year.
  • Chapter must have no Panhellenic infractions.
  • Chapter must submit Recruitment Statistics to the National Office immediately after each Recruitment.
  • Chapter must conduct post-membership recruitment evaluation with the actives, new members and Recruitment Counselors (if applicable).  A summary of the evaluations must be submitted to the National Office.
  • Chapter must have a year-round Continuous Open-Bidding Recruitment program when applicable.


  • Chapter must strive to maintain all new members.
  • Chapter must have new member education program (calendar, event and activities description, meeting agendas and new member information/welcome packet)  approved by the Chapter Advisor prior to the start of the program
  • Chapter must complete a six-week hazing-free program.
  • Chapter must execute and complete National Ritual successfully.
  • Chapter must submit a summary of New Member Evaluation forms to their Chapter Advisor.
  • Chapters must submit New Member Statistics, including number pledged, number dropped (with explanation) and number initiated, to the National Office immediately following the completion of the program.


  • Active Chapter Members and New Members must maintain individual GPAs of at least 2.5 each academic term.  Should any members fall below the minimum average, Scholarship Programming must be in place for those members.
  • Chapter must have a Scholarship Program in place for all chapter members, in addition to the National Program.
  • The Scholarship Chairman must sit on Chapter’s Executive Board as Vice President of Scholarship.
  • Chapter must participate in the SDT Foundation’s “Sister-to-Sister” program.  Funds must be submitted to SDT Foundation prior to May 1.


  • Chapter must review (with specific emphasis on Risk Management Policies) and abide by all National Policies.
  • Chapter must execute at least one awareness activity and contribute to our national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America.  This can include, but is not limited to, the PCAA Pinwheel Project.
  • Chapter must sponsor one community or inter-Greek service project.
  • Chapter must actively participate in College Panhellenic or Inter-Greek Council.
  • Chapter must sponsor or actively participate in an educational program for Health and Social Awareness.
  • Chapter must execute successful Senior Programming.
  • Chapter must execute successful programming regarding Sigma Delta Tau National History/Founding. This may include the planning or execution of the Chapter’s anniversary celebration or a Parents’ Weekend.
  • Chapter must submit a calendar each semester to the Chapter Advisor listing all chapter activities.


  • Chapter must execute a joint officer training workshop with the old and new Executive Board members.
  • Chapter must send a minimum of two Chapter Delegates to the Biennial National Convention.
  • Chapter must send requested number of representatives to any SDT Leadership Conference.
  • Chapter members must take advantage of one campus leadership development resource annually.


  • Chapters must strive to have at least one of the following: an active Faculty Advisor, an active Local Alumnae Group or an active Advisory Board.
  • Chapter must strive to maintain continuous Alumnae involvement through programming, events, alumnae newsletters or planning of Anniversary Celebrations.