Why Give

Give to help a sister in financial need. The SDT Foundation provides scholarships to help our undergraduates and graduate students stay in school. We can help them pay for tuition, educational fees and books.

Currently the Foundation has sixteen endowed grants and four annual grants that are based on annual giving. Click here to go to the Scholarship page and learn about past winners as well as how to apply.

Sheila Garon Schwartz

Sheila Garon Schwartz

“I realize how family financial setbacks can impede an educational plan. My father cashed out his life insurance policy so that I could complete my senior year and still continue my membership in Sigma Delta Tau. As I have achieved success, helping other young women has been my goal and pleasure.” – Sheila Schwartz, Alpha Delta

Give to help fund educational and leadership programming for collegians and sorority volunteers.

The SDT Foundation annually gives the Sorority a grant to fund programs such as the speaker series at Leadership School or Convention, the Collegiate Leadership Team and the Life$avings program. These opportunities give our collegians the tools to be better leaders and stronger women.


The SDT Foundation sponsors terrific speakers at the 2014 National Convention!

The speakers that participate at the National Convention are invited because they provide valuable lessons and tools to our collegians.

Michelle Guobadia was spectacular. She is currently the Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life at University of North Carolina. She presented “Be a Dream Maker: Your Role in Making Sorority Life Great” and “Hazing Makes You a Better Greek and Other Stupid Myths.” The young women of SDT were inspired by her passion and enthusiasm.

Dr. Mari Ann Callais presented “From Ritual to Reality.” She is the Director of Development for the Center of Living, Learning and Leading for Delta Delta Delta.

Our very own Laurie Brucker, Upsilon-Indiana, has been named LA’s go-to-stylist. Laurie specializes in teaching people to love their bodies and enjoy their clothes giving them confidence. She presented on dressing for success.