Giving Programs

Together we are making a difference
in the lives of our sisters.

When you give to the Every Sister. Every Day. Fund, you are lighting the way for our sisters to grow as empowered women. As more sisters give and donations increase, our impact grows, advancing the Foundation closer to fulfilling the needs of all sisters.

National Scholarship Program

Sigma Delta Tau Foundation’s signature program, offering annual scholarship awards to help with tuition expenses for collegiate women. Historically, $565,000 has been awarded to help with tuition expenses for our sisters, however the cost of college continues to rise. We are currently able to support just 30% of our women who apply for assistance.

Sigma Delta Tau Foundation’s Empower Circle enhance the lives of all sisters by increasing the financial resources available to serve our women, leveraging the philanthropic power of donor groups to maximum annual impact. This model of collective giving engages women as leaders and donors to support initiatives that inspire, empower and invest in the Sigma Delta Tau sisterhood.

Exemplifying our motto, Patriae Multae Spes Una, One Hope of Many People, the One Hope Fund is our first impact program developed by the Sigma Delta Tau Foundation to serve all sisters during every phase of their lives.

Grants from the One Hope Fund are for collegiate and alumnae women facing difficulty due to an unforeseeable circumstance such as unexpected financial distress, serious health issues, consequences of natural disasters and urgent family crisis.