2017 Club


2017 Club logo 4cThe SDT Foundation has created the 2017 Club for undergraduate giving in honor of SDT’s Centennial.

Like the traditional 1917 Club, this club is a chance for our youngest members to give back to a sorority that has given so many opportunities to them so that others may be able to do the same.

Collegians and recent graduates are encouraged to commit to giving $20.17 for five consecutive years to the Foundation.

The money raised through the 2017 Club will benefit SDT sisters through scholarships & grants, Leadership School, and sisterhood programming.

Donations can be made online or sent by mail to SDT Foundation, 714 Adams Street, Carmel, IN 46032


Giving to the 2017 Club is part of the Collegiate Chapter Challenge

SDT chapters are working to have each chapter member donate $20.17 to the SDT Foundation.

Encourage your sisters to give by:

  • Integrating giving to SDT as part of your chapter activities
  • Have computer available after chapter meetings to have sisters donate online
  • Share examples of what $20.17 buys them such as coffee, meals, and entertainment
  • Post the enclosed thermometer in your house or at meetings to show your progress
  • Set an example by making your donation first and asking your fellow sisters to join you in giving

A donation form is available for download in Quantum Leap, and can easily be printed and shared at a chapter meeting. Chapter members can also give online.

Chapters can collect the donations and send them to Headquarters in one envelope or have each member send their own.

Please note that a donation for the 2017 Club cannot be credited toward your annual Sister-to-Sister chapter contribution.