Phase II Housing Operations/Compliance


Crisis Response Plan

As you are making preparations for how your facility plans to reopen, this is also the time to make preparations/updates to your crisis response plan.

Future Planning: Closure Checklist

If you have not already done a thorough review of your closing and re-opening process, here is a guide to help you.

Meal Service

Meal services partners to the Panhellenic community have outlined their expected protocols under the new normal in their clients’ facilities. Check out what expectations you might expect and feel free to connect with the Joe Drain, SDTCC Director of Housing, or any of these providers directly for more information.


Insurance Brokerage, Assurance Partners, have composed this resource as a guide for employers to consider when it comes to address staffing questions/concerns as it relates to COVID-19.
*Note: Any statements contained herein relating to the impact of COVID-19 and/or the coronavirus on insurance coverage or any insurance policy is not a legal opinion, warranty, or guarantee and should not be relied upon as such.

Lease Agreements

Our partners at MJ Insurance provided this document as a guidance on things to consider when navigating contracts with your members and various vendors.

OSHA Workplace Guidelines and COVID

OSHA has released guidelines for employers to consider when address workplace illness at it pertains to COVID-19.

Back to Business

MJ Insurance has compiled this document compiled of recommendations for corporations such as yourself to consider as you bring staff back in and resume operations.