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What if our college/university has cancelled activities through the remainder of the academic year?

Chapters can conduct essential chapter business virtually, with the assistance of their advisors. We have created a resource page to offer ideas for chapter engagement to help navigate virtual chapter operations.

What should we do about chapter dues and fees if activities are cancelled due to COVID-19?

Collegiate chapters may consider refunds to individuals for a portion of chapter dues only.

Prior to any refunds being issued, the Chapter Treasurer must work with their Chapter Advisor to determine if and what amount. The chapter may incur cancellation fees, loss of deposits and other financial obligations that must be considered before any refunds are issued. The chapter may also consider issuing members returning in the fall a credit towards next year’s dues versus refunds. Refunding or cancelling dues should only be done on a case-by-case basis.

Please reach out to your Chapter Treasurer to determine what your chapter should do. The chapter may still need those funds and will need to determine if the chapter has excess funds beyond what is needed for the current term or beginning of the next term.

National dues are non-refundable.

Why are my national dues not refundable?

National dues are non-refundable as they help sustain the business of Sigma Delta Tau, such as the operation of the national headquarters and staff; the bi-annual publication and mailing of the Torch; and the planning and execution of events such as Elevate and the National Convention.

If we have not initiated our new members, how should we proceed with the new member education process?

New members should continue through the process completing the online new member education program and GreekLifeEdu. Efforts should be made to keep the new members connected to one another and the chapter virtually through Google hangouts, FaceTime, etc. New members may be initiated once the campus resumes normal operations, even if that may be during the fall term.

Are there restrictions on how we can use the Internet or Social Media?

Yes. At all times, chapters and individual members are reminded of their need to conform to the Sigma Delta Tau Internet, Technology and Social Media Policy. This policy covers not only, but also any collegiate or alumnae chapter website, and any individual or public websites (including social media pages or groups, chat rooms and photo storage sites) which reference Sigma Delta Tau and/or any of its protected marks or emblems. The policy also covers individual emails and instant messaging services.

If you have any questions, please email