28 Ways to L.O.V.E. Being a SigDelt

By Sara Puppala,

104 years ago, Sigma Delta Tau became the home of seven Jewish women who found strength and empowerment together. Today, the sisterhood they created embraces generations of empowered women bound by the same shared values of our founders.  

In celebration of the month of our founding, our L.O.V.E. (Living Our Values Everyday) initiative includes seven ways you can live each of our four values. Don’t forget to tag @sigmadeltatauhq on Instagram so we can share how you live our values every day! 

Community Activities

Instill a sense of philanthropy and generosity in sisters and build purposeful partnerships to enhance the mission and goals of the Sorority. 

  1. Connect with sisters who live in your area and/or a similar professional field through SDT Network
  2. Register for the upcoming Alumnae Book Club (we’ll be discussing the book Netflix’s show “Bridgerton” is based on: The Duke and I by Julia Quinn). 
  3. Submit the story of an outstanding sister or alumna for inclusion in an upcoming Torch issue!  
  4. Have a virtual coffee chat with your chapter advisor or chapter sisters. 
  5. Help spread the word of open jobs to your sisters! Promote and post job listings for your company on SDT Network
  6. Purchase bookstore gift cards at your alma mater and send them to your chapter to be given as prizes for good scholarship. 
  7. Shop at SDT-, women- or minority-owned businesses and restaurants. You can find SDT-owned businesses through the Business Directory on SDT Network! 

Connection Activities

Create a sense of belonging and meaningful relationships for sisters, not only in the sorority, but also within the community and world around them. 

  1. Celebrate Founder’s Day on March 25 by joining Society and SDT Foundation events. Be on the lookout for details on March 11! 
  2. Host a Collegian or Alumnae Sisters Night Out event to connect with your sisters and celebrate the sisterhood that we all share and love! We’ve put together a toolkit with a walkthrough that includes a list of a number of activities to host. 
  3. Reach out to an older alumna through SDT Network.
  4. Send yellow tea roses to a sister. 
  5. Make a donation (consumables or monetary) to your local food bank or caring center. 
  6. Help out a sister going through a stressful time and surprise her with a special treat. 
  7. Link the Sigma Delta Tau Foundation to your Amazon account through Amazon Smile. Amazon will donate a portion of your regular shopping to the Sigma Delta Tau Foundation. 

Engagement Activities

Participate in a lifetime experience which provides opportunities and a network of personal and professional support for every phase of a sister’s life. 

  1. Invite an SDT who doesn’t normally attend alumnae events to attend Sisters Night Out or this month’s book club.  
  2. Participate during the SDT Foundation’s Founders Day of Giving this year and donate to one of their initiatives. 
  3. Organize a virtual class reunion. 
  4. Use SDT Network to find a long-lost sister and reconnect. 
  5. If you’re an alumna, share some memories and wisdom with your chapter in a letter. 
  6. If you’re a collegian, introduce yourself to some chapter alumnae through SDT Network (you can find women in similar fields you’re studying!). 
  7. Fulfill a teacher or charity’s Amazon wish list. 

Individuality Activities

Enable each member to be her authentic self and empower her to reach her fullest potential through leadership and personal skills for academic and professional success. 

  1. Host a virtual cultural potluck with your sisters! Share your favorite foods and cultural traditions via Zoom.  
  2. Shout-out to a sister on SDT Network about what you admire about her or what you love about your friendship. 
  3. Commit to a daily self-care routine for a month (working out, positive texts/tweets/posts, clean eating, etc.). 
  4. If you’re an alumna, send a handwritten letter to your chapter’s advisor from when you were in school to let her know how she fostered your individuality. Find her address by contacting the National Headquarters. 
  5. Register for a class or workshop to learn a new skill. 
  6. Have a conversation around the dinner table about your personal values. 
  7. Learn more about yourself by completing a personality quiz like Myers Briggs

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